Sabrina Spork

Sabrina Spörk is a native Argentinian from Buenos Aires. She has aspired to become an apparel designer ever since she became much endeared with her mother’s costume business. Sabrina is energetic and some would say childish, but she treasures all the little things through life and always finds the brighter side. She’s grateful for all the opportunities she’s had in the past 6 years in the United States. Special thanks to Susana, Carlos, Irina & Sebastian – her family back at home – and her significant other Joe for all the care and support.


CIRCO is all about the enthusiasm that one gets when attending a great circus performance. It’s about experiencing the fun and entertainment of when we see something unusual and different being performed for the first time. Its textures and silhouettes allow for an elegant and flirtatious feeling while still showing movement and shapes that will bring you back that childish smile.