Rya DeMulder

Rya DeMulder is a multimedia artist, designer and performer from New York State. Homeschooled during her elementary school years by her hippie parents, Rya grew up with ample time for exploration and imagination. She started dancing at an early age and did theater throughout high school and college and eventually studied at Purchase College State University of New York School of Visual Arts where she completed her BFA. Rya has lived in six difference states and has traveled extensively. Rya finds inspiration and expansion in her travels and experiences.


As an artist and designer it is my aim to create work that invokes a sense of whimsy and wonder in the viewer. Being someone with an avid imagination and my head “in the clouds,” I like my work to have a little magic. My goal as a designer is to use texture and space to create dynamic yet subtle pieces with an artistic sensibility. Though fabric manipulation and direct contact with material to the dress form, I organically create one of a kind garments. By combining these techniques with my own etheric design sense, it is my hope to create work that evokes emotion and explores the complexities of what it is to be human.