Rachel Waddell

Rachel was born and raised in rural Minnesota, having been involved in equestrian sports and competition throughout her childhood. Rachel has always been interested in sewing clothing and started developing items for sale in 2011, after the birth of her son. Upon returning to the town where she grew up, she discovered the Apparel Technologies program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. The program has pushed her skill to that of a professional designer and seamstress. Rachel is now focusing on developing her small business, R.A.W. Designs, focused on creating custom horseback riding apparel. Rachel plans on opening a storefront in summer of 2015.


As I turned a somewhat dark yet purposeful corner from 2014 to 2015, inspiration came from a deeper feminine feeling of intent and survival. This line has developed from the wild and strong females coming out of places like Deadwood and Tombstone. She’s neither quiet nor nice and you will feel her presence.
My collection is made for the western horsewoman. Looks include show-stopping ensembles for horseback riding and for those that demand attention stomping in the dirt. The garments maintain fitted silhouettes and detailed lines seen in piping and topstitching.