Mercedes Bergman

Contrary to the popular design principle that form follows function, Mercedes believes everyday objects can be decorative as well as functional. This notion is the driving force behind her interest in apparel above other art forms. Mercedes is fascinated with the concept of applied art, and the tactile nature of fabric allows her to explore texture, movement and aesthetic design with a purpose. Mercedes draws inspiration from art deco and vintage exoticism.


My collection is representative of the need to test boundaries not only as an artist but also in application of technical skill. The chosen colors and textures are a product of my interaction with the world in everyday life. Last summer's bricklaying project is echoed in a herringbone pattern down the front of a navy panné velvet bias cut dress. A mauve wall I pass by daily is an unexpected color choice but haunted me persistently until it worked itself into my designs. I embrace the creative process and look forward to my evolution as a designer.