Jessica Jones

Growing up in the fashion starved Willamette Valley of Oregon, Jessica found herself a young child dreaming of dresses, thanks to her grandmothers in southern California. One, an entrepreneur, would send the giant Sears catalogues from her mail order store. Jessica would daydream about the perfect closet as she flipped through the pages. The other, an avid shopper with impeccable taste, would always signal an important holiday by sending a glossy red and white box from Frederick and Nelson’s filled with a beautiful, new dress. Jessica credits them for her love of fashion, and for the courage to pursue a career in the industry as an adult whose education, experience, and creativity informs this new chapter of her life.


I design with simple truths in mind: the honesty of hard work, the sincerity of friendship and the authenticity of nature. I take cues from women who are smart, kind, classy and sexy. I am inspired by the inherent beauty of the world – natural and industrial. I incorporate rich textures and prints with classic silhouettes. At the end of the day I create custom clothing that makes the wearer feel beautiful.