Handley Elizabeth

Growing up in an artistic North Carolina community, Handley began her journey with fashion at a young age. She was always remaking old pieces into something new, whether it was hand-me-downs from her mom or forgotten sheets from the back of the linen closet. At 21 she made the move to New York City, where she spent four exciting years. Handley was lucky enough to meet many of her muses and truly embrace her creativity in an artist's city. The Twin Cities have been her home since 2012, where MCTC and the Apparel Technologies program has helped her develop and refine her creative skills. Now, she regards herself as a true fashion designer.


The debut of Hiccup is a playful collection of carefree grandeur. Bold colors meet non-traditional construction to create daring looks, blending silhouettes reminiscent of the mod 60's alongside funky & futuristic novelty textiles. Both audacious and daring, this collection is for spotlight seekers only.