Erika Tindall

Erika has made Minneapolis her home for the past 18 years. Attending the University of Minnesota, she earned her degree in American Studies and Studio Arts. She was inspired by recontextualizing these disciplines in a visual realm. She is excited to enter a trade where she can communicate visually and find new ways of challenging herself.


I have always drawn inspiration from various cultures to create visual language, and this line is no exception. I wanted to use references of 1950’s rocker youth culture to capture its energy and feeling of rebellion. I also worked with imagery of Milagros – charms that are used in Mexican Catholicism during prayer for health of the body, mind and spirit. In the fusion of the two I want to represent the idea of rebellion as being a healthy and often necessary part of us all. The materials chosen are often utilitarian, like denim, but used in a different context which also explores the theme of transformation, not dissimilar to alchemy.