Emkae Olson

Emkae Olson was born in Seoul, Korea and adopted into St. Paul, Minnesota. She now resides in Minneapolis and considers herself a city kid with a soft spot for the great outdoors. This influential soft spot can be seen in her designs through the use of bones, feathers and wood.
Design has been in her blood since she started turning all of the sheets in the house into skirts or dresses at the age of 8.


Draping has opened the creative floodgates for me, as I haven't looked back at flat patterning since the first day of draping class. The design process is very organic for me. Despite being inspired by the ordinary and extraordinary, when I'm in front of the dress form with my fabric and scissors, I let the muslin speak to me. My influences for this line were the macabre and the occult, as well as pushing myself to use fabrics that I wouldn't normally use.