Bris Carbajal

Minnesota born and raised, artist and designer Bris Carbajal has always had a passion for fashion. At a young age, Bris was eager to create. She received her first sewing machine at the age of 8. After graduating high school she began her studies in Fine Arts at North Hennepin Community College. It wasn't until she found the Apparel Technologies program at MCTC that she could learn the skills to move forward with her fashion career. Her illustrations were featured and printed for the “Hearts for Fashion” Exhibit at the Gordon Parks Gallery. She has worked in alterations and sews at an upholstery shop where she continues to expand her knowledge in textiles and pattern making which she can apply to her designs. Bris looks forward to graduating. She hopes to inspire people to look at quality over quantity and slow down the fast fashion industry and to promote well-made clothing with special design elements.


I looked into the history of Mexico and used it as inspiration. This collection was specifically inspired by the architecture of the Olmec, Mexica, and Mayan temples of Mexico. I hope my designs create a presence as the temples do to the world.