Abbie Kenyon

Abbie Kenyon lives in Minneapolis and has been learning and experimenting with design as a student at MCTC for the past three years. Abbie is inspired by the city and sees Minneapolis as a place for herself as a working artist. She believes art is for everyone.


I strive to design garments that are as functional as they are beautiful and as pretty as they are useful. I take into account all of the garments possible uses when I select fabric for my designs. Editing, experimenting, and finding a solution to tricky problems is my favorite part of the process.
I create because the satisfaction of transforming raw materials into usable and beautiful pieces of work is gratifying to me. My greatest influences are my environment, the climate and the people around me, all elegant and strong figures.
I want to present to the fashion industry a new idea of beauty in clothing. I want to bring fashion into unexpected areas and new territory, from farms and gardens to bikers and swimmers. Fashion is an exciting art form because like architecture, we live in it and with it.